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Legend of korra lesbian

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With that spin that you put on it, one would almost think that you were doing something considerably more heroic than complaining about 'ships you don't like and white-knighting bigots because they agree with you. Or are you going to try to backpedal about how trying to "stir the waters" or cause a "row" on the grounds that three people not hating a pairing that you hate in one place qualifies as a "hivemind," no less should be considered anything other than trolling?

A bit cliche'd but it'd be better than nothing which is what the majority of Asami's character is. Sexy japanese lesbian sex. In the Dark Horse comic, fans can see the two girls step out into the Spirit World with their hands still laced. Legend of korra lesbian. Plans for the finale are kept on a Need-to-Know-Basis.

I love Korrasami, but it could've been introduced way better.

Legend of korra lesbian

It should make us demand something more. In conclusion, you're a hommophobe. But just because they get stigmatized, it doesn't mean it's unfair. And if you think white knighting is playing victimI don't know what to tell you. If you're above the age of 15, why are you so staunchly determined to probe the forums for Korrasami haters? Perhaps if we drive forward, he will be unable to ford the river, as it winds majestically through the rolling grasslands. It is unreasonable to expect me to have detailed knowledge about the entire history of the fanbase in order to rebut the claim that it directly resulted in Korrasami.

I hope that, some day, the "why" of that sinks in for you. Old lesbian porn pics. I'm merely just killing time. And yes, I will tell people that their tolerant dreams don't stand up to facts. You say it's very hard not to believe that everyone is lying about this?

But considering that you view bigotry as defensible, if not outright sacrosanct? I've never said it makes me do that, but it can spark a lot of passion in both sides of the argument to re-ignite. I am a very moody god. This is a crazy world with deep back stories that, despite the child-focused telling, are compelling for anyone.

Or at "homophobe" and "unabashed bigot" when not only were they not directed at you, and not only were they justifiedbut you see nothing wrong with such behavior. Thanks to Entertainment Weeklyreaders can now see where the two girls went for their first date. Even if I were to take it at face value that "white-knighting" having taken on any meaning other than playing victim by proxy with the additional connotation that the proxy didn't merit it because you say so?

It seems the common homophobe has taken an interest in your humble safari leader. Personally, I think they just made a Additionally, you contradict yourself by claiming that there was both "consistency in opinion" and "a row already occurring. Register - Forgot Password.

Trying to present my statement as anywhere near that level of gross exaggeration or false equivalence does notto say the least, reflect well on your credibilty. This time —and this time only —I am going to operate off of the premise that you didn't actively intend anything coded by "clamorous.

In the episode, Finn, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are off chasing the Door Lord in order to get back the items he stole from them. Russian nude gymnast. Finally, at the very, very end, Korra tells Asami that they should go on a vacation together, without everyone else. Korra has a strong willed girl who has basically no mystery, who meets a couple of other people with similarly bland back stories.

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The arbitrariness of holding ad hominems to a different standard if they're cloaked in enough pseudo-polite passive aggressive bullshit. Milf cowgirl porn. Neo Bahamut I'm not specifically talking about the absolute protagonist of the series, but more of the main characters in general.

Korrasami wasn't shoved in our faces.

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She's a writer, comic consultant and a trans activist. And also Korra and Asami aren't even married. While many American-produced cartoons struggle to depict girls as anything more than one-dimensional sidekicks to male protagonists, The Legend of Korra featured a groundbreaking heroine whose ambiguous ethnicity added to the allure of the alternate universe where a single person, known as an Avatar, could manipulate the four elements of air, earth, water, and fire.

I also believe you when you say that you didn't intend to start anything, but just get heated in arguments. If you ignore—or simply managed not to pick up on —half of the series worth of 'shiptease for some reason or another, I guess it might look arbitrary.

For one, it actually seems to pre-date the memetic status of the strip. Edited by Skipper What is a gross exaggeration, and what is a blatant wounded-gazelle gambit? Using a snarl phrase and one which was originally coined specifically to silence men who spoke out against sexism or harassment by implying that they were only doing so as a seduction tactic, although it's since taken on a wider meaning of "playing victim by proxy," no lesseven if paradoxically self-applied in some bass-ackwards attempt to deny that you're playing victim at allcontributes slightly less to your argument than spamming lolcats would.

Because it goes against the "it's been planned before" idea of the story. And you lost this debate since, just like Nazis, bringing Batman to a debate spells an instant loss. Well, yeah, but I could've just said "you're just asking for things you have no intention of reading" or something. Legend of korra lesbian. Girls lickig pussy. Then we get to the Asami and Korra talk at the wedding, which leads to them leaving hand in hand into the spirit world. I think they still followed an unwritten that dictates that being in a relationship must be there in the endgoal, even more so for the main character.

Yes, I am against it. I have no idea, much less ability to influence, what may or may not be posted on Tumblr. This has little to nothing to do with that debate, though. I love Korrasami, but it could've been introduced way better.

Hey, if you want to make incendiary claims, I don't care. Maybe that was just poor wording, but what I was referring to were standards to which a narrative can be held, which is built on nothing less than personal bias. Edited by Wyper26 I'm not a Batman specialist, but i'm pretty sure he never talked about the Dracorex.

Or over which characters are better? Fallen Kingdom Deadpool 2 Solo: Sign In Don't have an account? Gavia Baker-Whitelaw is a staff writer at the Daily Dot, covering geek culture and fandom.

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I went with "sealioning" because it amused me. Old granny tits pics. What if there are fights from people not liking how bending is portrayed? Exploring Non-Hetero Normative Relationships in Animation The Legend of Korra may have paved the way for other western series to explore a lesbian or bisexual relationships, but subversive themes are common within Japanese anime. Legend of korra lesbian. We mature lesbians Lego Roller coaster ride Trading card game. And frankly, minding Neo's sardonic homophobe comments, if you had been Neo, I wouldn't have put it beneath you.

But if you're gonna make claims like "it doesn't make any sense", then you better be prepared to defend that argument.

I don't know about that, that sounds like a very bad narrative to have a romance before even establishing the role of the character and unlikely honestly. I'm not "framing rebuttals" as being mobbed, but merely pointing out it wouldn't be actual mobbing if it's the same people arguing over the same thing. Now, I absolutely do not see this as Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino queer baiting their audience in the last few seconds of the show.

I was going to address him later but if you want me to, I don't ever trust a damn thing coming from the creators because they have a massive tendancy to lie about production. I have no problem with homosexual relationships.

However, the relationship thaws as Hiroshi apologies, acknowledges his crimes, and expresses his pride in Asami, stating that Asami was the "greatest thing he ever created". Will he flee back into the bush, or prepare a more dramatic threat display for us? By making Korrasami canon, they did go down a less trodden path, but not necessarily the least trodden path, in my opinion.

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