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This is a shoot from the tail end of last autumn and as we started the film it was pretty warm, that hazy cloud and still air making it seem even warmer and the lads are well hot!

Another straight boy, another boundary pushed! He strips to his boxers and then he lies back and enjoys getting massaged and when his very hairy legs and feet get massaged he almost falls asleep, those fingers are so good! Josh rolls over and has a nice full uncut erection that Dan manhandles real well, Josh admits he is a pretty good wanker and Dan getting carried away is soon naked and wanking two cocks!

In an unexpected treat Dan pulls down his shorts too, and Dan has both his hands busy - one wanking himself, the other Cory! Well done Dan, cant believe you were allowed up this one! Carl, you devious lad and it only gets better when Doug does the same and also sucks Dan! Straight hunk Cameron is one of the member's favourites - easy to see why - he is a handsome guy and his smooth body is muscular and really defined.

Today in his fourth shoot Tyler finally sticks his throbbing hard uncut cock up Dan's eager arse. Tyler is our popular straight marine, who has gone on his entire journey with englishlads in the very safe and velvety hands of Dan Broughton!! After all that deviation, letting a guy wank him off, he goes straight to the bath room and takes a long piss in the bath!

Standing up Dan Grabs his hard meat and wanks it before lying back on the table giving us a great view of his hole, which he tells us he likes to get banged; preferably by a straight geezer… Paddy watch out! Straight guys can be so un-predictable and today even Paddy admitted his fantasy ran wild once the blind fold went on! Rich is first to unload, Chris shoots seconds after, Dan seeing two straight lads shoot in front of him dumps his own load before Tyler finishes.

After lots of sucking, wanking, kissing and fucking the cum shots are not far away! This is a young personal trainer who knows how to prepare his body and after a hard work-out a few days ago his body is aching and looking forward to some massage relief! Dan sucks Jaden through his boxers, and with Jaden on top of him, and then wanks him furiously until there's a big white sticky end! Dan has a slightly devious side and before you know it both of them are stood in their briefs and both are displaying impressive bulges!

A quick switch and Dan is riding Chris while sucking Rich. Ebony milf riding. Tyler HirstDan Broughton. Dan also rubs Jack's cock and they press their cocks together, Jack is clearly got something nice and solid in his undies to show off and before long its poking out of the edge of his boxers, enough for Dan to play with his foreskin. Dan broughton naked. Gentle giant, hunky Drew is back for his third shoot; and really pushes past his comfort zone, or is that is pushed!

Cory is a solidly built, muscular guy - a true alpha man, but he's been surprisingly open to experimenting on camera, that we like! Cory also seems to like having his balls played with - and Dan's enjoying doing the playing as you can see from the bulge in his shorts! Leo has done two solo shoots and that is where I thought it would end; after much trying he finally agreed to let us massage his body and today he lets Dan de-stress his muscles, though looking at how tight his butt cheeks are when Dan prises them apart then I am not sure we will ever see anything go up there!

Dan had previously mentioned that he wanted to play with a Marine and rubbing oil all over Tyler's hunky body gets him all excited! To accompany our porn virgin we partner him up with seasoned veteran naughty Justin. Briefs come off, uncut cocks flops around, get sucked and wanked and before long Justin is sliding a condom onto Dan and sitting down. Jaden is a lean and defined guy - nice body, with a cute face, pert bum and a very nice uncut one which has a tendency to point up!

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When he brings his legs up his hole gets exposed to the wind and sun and makes him gently moan with pleasure! Dan loves it, Tyler soon discovers his cock feel pretty good in his first boys ass! The end of the shoot leaves Doug with 3 loads on him! Dan has had an interesting few years since winning Mr Gay UK in ; he has been on a whirlwind tour of modelling round the world, all sort of products primarily to the gay market.

Dan gets so turned on during the shoot we had to ease Paddy back a little from fucking Dan too much as with all the kissing and rough fucking was getting all too much! When Dan slips Cory's cock out the side of the boxers, you can see that he's been enjoying a man's touch - his large uncut cock is pointing right to the ceiling!

We stumbled across him in a bar in Soho while he was out with some mates, where he chatted to one of our models about appearing on the site; a week later this is his video! It has been a while since we have seen Bezza, too many of his footie mates seem to be spying on him, so I hope they enjoy his latest shoot where he is in the hands of devious lad Dan. Milf in the sauna. Dan BroughtonCory Burns. I cant believe Doug is sucking Dan, though he only did that because brother Karl put him under pressure!

Drew, now breathing much deeper with those quick hand strokes is soon spunking a thick load all over his abs and in Dan's hand. He breaks in young Henry who is doing his first ever porn shoot, normally a top, Henry looks pretty good on his back with his legs in the air and Dan fucks Henry, very enthusiastically! A quick switch and Dan is riding Chris while sucking Rich. Straight boxer Jack is full of energy, shows off his boxing skills and his body is soon pumping with blood. Dan broughton naked. Lucky Dan is the one to get his hands on him, he strokes Cory's body from behind, showing his smooth chest.

There is lots of teasy foreplay today; lots of new experiences and a whole lot more trouble for Bezza to get in with his mates! Paddy O'BrianDan Broughton. Dan pulls Jaden's clothes off and gives his bum a cheeky slap - I think we'll get to see more of his bum soon! He is a slim toned guy, really comfortable with his body and doesn't take much persuasion to strip down to his boxers. Wow, welcome to our world J!

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After a good fucking Dan is soon covering himself in his cum before David follows and shoots all over Dan. Nude bigboob girls. After winning Mr Gay UK in Dan Broughton has been counting down the days til he could do some porn; For his first porn shoot it is obvious he is just as good doing porn as he has been doing all his other modelling post winning the competition.

Relaxing on the bed Paddy calls Dan over to help him out as he's feeling a bit horny. He strips to his boxers and then he lies back and enjoys getting massaged and when his very hairy legs and feet get massaged he almost falls asleep, those fingers are so good!

This shoot didn't ever go online, so we're rectifying that now - it was the first video where is gets blown by a guy - definitely something that pushed his boundaries, but he went with it and enjoyed it. Dan did his first shoot with another gay model, then sucked off a straight boy and many of you have asked to see Dan in all his solo glory.

Deciding Bezza needs a hand he wanks and sucks him off and lets him cum, or should I say drown Dan mouth and face in cum! We then got him to cover his eyes whilst Dan comes in to give his body a little closer investigation. Then, Dan jumps on to Josh and slides on to his hard cock, taking it deep inside him, Josh really fucks him hard, Dan clearly loving the feel of it in him.

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