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Is that why you are so uncomfortable with the idea that the Joker could have raped someone, that you immediately start a discussion with an insult to those you are trying to engage?

Oh, it's definitely on the naughty side First sign of sexist B. Milf swinger sex. Bast kind of proposes Dream to be lovers. However, Joker is lost in thoughts and he starts remembering memories from a past life.

Grief-stricken, the engineer tries to withdraw from the plan, but the criminals strong-arm him into keeping his commitment to them.

After kidnapping the Commissioner, the Clown Prince of Crime sets about stripping Barbara and taking nude photos of her broken body. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Barbara gordon nude. Even in my first read of the comic, I never thought that. But this is not a Batman book, it's a Batgirl book, which is aimed at a younger audience. Do you identify with Joker in some way? Jose Fernandez 11 2. But then he keeps trying his luck.

That's a lot of sexual component for an "asexual" character. Adam and Lilith are fully naked genitals partially shown. Tamil girl getting fucked. Paul R Jaissle is a philosophy professor, collage artist, and musician who writes about film and comic book theory and blogs for destroythecyb.

He didn't rape Barbara Gordon. Cassandra Cain and Superboy may have enjoyed a cruise-liner romance, but that was a flash in the pan.

Like the girl in The Exorcist, Barbara Gordon does her best to ward off the artificially intelligent demon that possessed her. Upon her introduction, she claims to have killed off Nyssa al-Ghul allegedly by car-bomb, no less en route to becoming a vindictive villain in the making. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. However, the scene with Barbara is different. The cover that Albuquerque created was questionable, but the controversy lies more in the inspiration behind it.

The testicles of a boy are visible, the penis is shadowed. RSS feed for Paul Jaissle ohhipaulie. Submit a new link. Understandably so but this thread has come from the cover being removed. It's a cool cover, but it really is a huge contrast to the kid friendly book.

To get an R rating a movie must include things that are just not seen in mainstream comics: This turn of events, compounding the man's misfortunes of that one day, drives him completely insane and results in the birth of the Joker.

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Barbara defends herself, but when Batman banishes her from the fold, she fights back, kicks him, straddles him then kisses him. Miley cyrus flashing tits. This drives her to stop fighting for anyone but herself. Post as a guest Name. Batman visits Barbara and when she recovers, she begs Batman to save her father from whatever the Joker has planned.

The testicles of a boy are visible, the penis is shadowed. Given the kind of character Joker is, do people really think Joker has lines that he won't cross? In the beginning of the film, Batman and Batgirl, who have a father-daughter dynamic, have sex on a rooftop.

It was Januaryand Gardner Fox, Gil Kane, and Sid Greene succeeded in creating one of the most unabashedly misogynistic comics of all time. Barbara gordon nude. The Killing Joke made Batgirl into a punchline that few fans found funny. Submit a new link. Batgirl chooses the nuclear option and unleashes years of repressed violence into her enemy.

Something to clarify, because DCs statement was a little unclear. The Dark Knight tells Joker that the I'm not exactly sure what happened. Close up pics nude. The intent wasn't sexual. After that, Judy's breasts are visible. The writer specified it did not happen. Would you care to have a discussion with anything that I am saying or would you prefer to tag those that have previously angered you? The actual writer has said many things, up to and including that Joker was 'given a new hole to play with'.

I never, ever thought that he actually raped her. Since this question is inspired by an R-rated movie I'll define "graphic nudity" the same way it's generally defined by movie and TV ratings systems, as: Like the infamous Dr.

There are a couple of panels of a nude woman in a clearly sexual context NSFW links 12.

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Moore said it didnt happened. Seeing you discount Manhattan and ask for explicitly sexual nudity, there's still a whole host of Alan Moore pieces that have sexual nudity. Nude sexe video. Sign In Don't have an account? I think you might have a critical misunderstanding here. The man who would become the Joker is an unnamed engineer who quits his job at a chemical company to become a stand-up comedian, only to fail miserably. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Delirium 's shirt is unbuttoned during the entire chapters, in some scattered panels her nipples are visible.

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