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Give it a try! Is he retarded though? It's just so average looking. Unless you are all gods yourselves and I dont mean your egos WTF is your problem?

Therefore, he is not fat and average to below average looking enough to be Datalounge hot. New sex nude videos. Nude david gandy. His face looks really attractive in profile and in other angles but not close up and straight into the camera unless he's smiling. Ugh, he's got enough foreskin for 6 guys. R28 That's okay if David Gandy is straight, we love handsome straight guys too.

Some of us on the other hand are wannabe Trunan Capotes wanking to images of guys we will never obtain and will probably never see. More Oldies but Goodies: Foreskin makes me ill and he's got enough for 3 guys.

Face, body, all of it. A model who filmed a sex scene with David Gandy shares her story. We were supposed to paw at each other. Nude video pinay. Before the hour day ended, Gandy rushed to the airport ā€” in slow motion ā€” to catch a flight to somewhere fabulous probably a boat in the crystal-blue seawhere he would continue to smolder and be fabulous and probably wear tighty-whities.

R32 For me guys with foreskin is a plus. I just don't understand how this guy gets work that involves his face. Reply Parent Thread Link. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. Looks a bit different from pictures ā€” but charming! Though Colton Haynes is certainly prettier than David Gandy, R33, he doesn't make my dick hard, either. Medical organizations around the world have access to the same information and don't recommend routine circumcision.

Gandy's legs are faaaabulous! The Datalounge wondereth where his dick is. Does everything turn into a shriekfest about C? I feel like he could get an acting gig or something, as far as male models these days he's recognizable, so I don't get why he hadn't branched out.

Especially considering David Gandy has tons of actual nudes, where you can freely see his dick. He's got that dick fluffed to the nth degree, thisclose to hard. With ripe cheese waiting for you!

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Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. Olga kurylenko naked video. If this is what he looked like at 50 then I would give him a standing O but he's only Perfection from any angle and uc! There is some troll that has started this same argument on one of the Alex Pettyfer threads, and on several others.

This has been proven time and again. All seemed more or less normal. Give it a try! He isn't handsome, but has beautiful eyes and that body Didn't it used to be suicide for legit models to drop trou? There are many more things to talk about than David's beautiful penis.

Brain does not compute. David is thinking of me. Further proof that some of the sexiest men are from the UK. Why do Dataloungers always suppose we know these obscure slutty men? Wish I could tweak those nips. His head looks WAY to big on his body giving him that bobblehead look. Nude david gandy. R11 That's a perfect description of what you've provided us: Who shared a nude of whom?

He's got that dick fluffed to the nth degree, thisclose to hard. Nude lace maxi dress. Reply Parent Thread Link. I don't know why. Face, body, all of it. David Gandy is a pretty famous male sex symbol.

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Why do feet sweat? It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. The benefit at best is minimal and only for heterosexual sex when the woman is positive and the man is negative--but still the benefit is minimal and the studies were proven to be flawed I guess I'll take your word over the United Nation's medical agencies and The New England Journal of Medicine.

R28 That's okay if David Gandy is straight, we love handsome straight guys too. Click Here for a sample.

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Once in the holding room, a man wearing a baseball cap immediately greeted me with smiles: I almost feel like he'sā€¦ too handsome for me to dig. David, unfortunately, is straight: David Gandy is a real model. Nude david gandy. Jenny shepard naked. So we lounged around for several hours entertaining one another. Milf fuck tgp No one would hesitate to call it misogyny if we started trimming labia of a newborn girl so the vagina would be more aesthetically pleasing and look like the vaginas found in porn. Thanks for your response.

He isn't handsome, but has beautiful eyes and that body These organisations should revoke their recommendations because circumcision does not benefit bottoms in gay American enclaves. That's not what you wrote though is it? R10 Sweetie, if you consider somebody holding a towel to be wearing clothing, you missed a lot in kindergarten. What is that white thing in his hand, R7, his dickwarmer?

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